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Welcoming kindergarteners and first-graders in 2022, Buffalo Commons is an emerging learning community that is actively diverse. Located in the heart of the city, we embrace a vision of diversity that provides each and every student the freedom to truly be themselves.

~ As a kid, joining Commons means learning through authentic real-world experiences and finding joy in learning and discovery.

~ As a family, you will be among like-minded folks who have big dreams for their children and care deeply about how kids are educated. 

~ As a community, we will work collectively to ensure all our children receive the education they deserve.

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A Common Sense of Purpose

The Commons community is made up of people that come from all walks of life, each entering from different places and headspaces and cultures. Yet we all share a common purpose—to figure out who we are and what we can do for the world, to find our own version of success, and to learn from one another while we’re at it.


And in that way, we are one.


Rooted in Community

Powered by educators, students and families, we make the most of our precious time spent together, creating a safe, positive learning environment—a sacred space—where curiosity is shared and challenges are met head on. This is our common bond.

It’s within this creative, collaborative and caring community that every student realizes their unique talents are needed in the world—your Commons education unlocks the potential to become a force for common good.

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Making the Uncommon Common.

The Buffalo Commons' Difference

At Buffalo Commons, active diversity is the freedom for every student to truly be themselves, and the opportunity to discover who they want to become. Differences then become common ground, helping students develop critical thinking skills, a sense of self, and the confidence to make an impact in their community. This is our common purpose—to become a force for common good.

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Active Diversity

Students at Buffalo Commons learn beyond standards. Our curriculum includes project-based learning opportunities that are relevant for students and help develop their confidence and sense of purpose. Driven by our core values, our courses provide real-world, community-based, problem-solving experiences that link students with the shared goals of contributing to their community. 

Real-World Curriculum

At BCCS we live out our core values in every decision we make. They connect us on the deepest levels. Additionally, we know that partnership with our families is essential to lasting success for students. Every aspect of our program supports students in understanding their identity, values, and passions alongside one another, in community. We nurture our students into the future leaders our community needs.

Common Purpose

BCCS teaching teams are inspiring, collaborative and effective. Our faculty is committed to the success of every student as well as their own continuous improvement toward becoming a masterful teacher. We are passionate about providing teachers with the resources that they need to ensure that they are building strong relationships with students, creating safe and nuturing learning environments, and providing impactful instruction.

Strong Talent Development

Our Common Bond

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