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Amy Quinde

Family Ambassador


BCCS matches my own personal and educational values!

Amy Quinde
My Story

I have been an educator in various contexts and roles for 16 years in 4 foreign countries. I currently teach high school ELA/ENL and Spanish at International Prep high school in Buffalo. I am also the founder of an educational consulting and curriculum business, Head & Heart International, that is currently offering after school programming teaching language and social emotional skills through the Creative Arts. I speak 3 languages but am Buffalo born and raised!

What Brings Me Joy

Spending one-on-one time (especially doing crafts and reading) with my 5-year-old son, lighting a fire in and genuinely "reaching" my students, trying new restaurants with my husband, traveling (domestic and abroad), deep & meaningful conversation, walking or hiking in nature or outdoors, the ocean, mountain views, sunsets & sun, purple flowers, tropical plants, kayaking, biking, painting, karaoke, salsa dancing, reading, binge watching video streaming, Broadway musicals, parties, anything purple and turquoise, anything rainbow colored, real rainbows, anything mint chocolate, ice cream, animals (especially cats, dogs, and horses), learning about new things (especially culture, social sciences, and educational practices), creative writing, coffee and more coffee!

What I'm Good At

Relating to people from all walks of life and making people feel comfortable, asking thought-provoking questions, coming up with new ideas & inductive reasoning, motivating people and bringing them together, understanding and getting others to understand multiple points of view, working toward a common cause that I’m passionate about, doing something that I’m terrified of just out of sheer curiosity, being open-minded, being down-to-earth, making things look pretty, being extremely thorough, artistic endeavors like painting, creative writing, wearing my heart on my sleeve, organizing and categorizing physical & digital spaces.

What the World Needs

Empathy, equal opportunities to education, health care, and basic human rights for ALL ethnic, racial and gender populations.

Why Commons?

BCCS matches my own personal and educational values that center around a genuine appreciation for cultural & racial diversity and inclusivity, open-mindedness, instilling intrinsic curiosity and passion for knowledge-seeking in children.

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