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Emily Ittes

Founding Faculty


BCCS is an all together different school, and I am grateful to be a founding teacher.

My Story

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, I have been fortunate to have lived important parts of my life on the west and east coasts. As a child, I often played school. So after graduating from college in New York City, I did the thing we all have been told to do but now question the wisdom of: I followed my passion. Over the past thirteen years while teaching in various roles, I know I found my purpose in my passion because education is also what I am passionate about.

What Brings Me Joy

Listening to children’s comments and perspectives and witnessing their aha moments.

What I'm Good At

I think I am good at being flexible. I enjoy listening, observing and asking questions, so I can make informed decisions when plans change or I need to make a change.

What the World Needs

I think the world needs more green time and less screen time. Studies have shown that being in nature can make us happier and less anxious. These calming and restorative effects on the brain may even lead to more creativity. We need to make access to safe green spaces a priority for all people.

Why Commons?

Buffalo Commons supports children’s minds, bodies and spirits through intentional programming and curriculum. Students will have the opportunity to develop a sense of purpose and share in the goal of contributing positively to the community. Buffalo Commons is an all together different school, and I am grateful to be a founding teacher.

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